Your not alone

Date: 2014-06-12 07:50 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] katmcgarvey
Your dad would have been so proud of what you did for him and you should have no regrets as you did a wonderful thing the way you cared and loved him.
My dad died on New Year's Eve 2013 only diagnosed in April 2013. My dad was so fit and full of life and to think now he's not here is so hard to deal with.

Dad had frontal lobe dementia with it and in a way it was a blessing as he never understood what the doctor told him that day in the hospital. The dementia was a blanket protecting him for this terrible disease. I had to ask the doctor to repeat what he said as I couldn't believe what he was saying and those words that hit hard 'no cure'. I remember a couple of weeks before he was diagnosed I googled dads symptoms and MND popped up. I said to my sister 'no way it can't be that, no matter what he has he's not going to died'.....little did we know. We moved back home with my mum and cared for dad 24/ was so tough. We would take turns every night sleeping on the sofa listening to him just in case he choked. Carers would come in the morning to wash and change him and then that was it we care for him for the rest of the day and night. We feed him and put his drugs through his tube around 10 times a dad. It was exhausting but we didn't want it any other way.....he had the best care and love. We were right next to him when he took his last breath and he was so peaceful which the doctors said would happen, he would just stop breathing. It's unbelievable to think all that happens in 8 months. We miss him so much and the pain we feel now I don't think will ever go.

Just want you know we share the same experience and your not on your own. I just hope one day as the association say 'world free of MND'

We just need to enjoy life and remember out Dad's how they were before they got this awful disease and I'm sure your dad was amazing and wonderful just like mine and they went away knowing how much we loved them. We will see them again one day.

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